Reflections & Resources

This Athari blog series is focused on our individual stories ..the stories that speak to what keeps us going …the moments of joy and pride.. of insight and learning… In sharing these stories, we are sharing our lessons learned.. Insights into approaches, tools, external factors that contribute to positive change. ..resources we used that we found particularly exciting and helpful.

We invite you to share your thoughts on our stories – add to them, send us questions or even be constructively critical!

Karibuni! Bienvenido स्वागत हे Bem vinda أهلا بك Bienvenue እንኳን ደህና መጣህ Wamukelekile

Athari Conversations

Athari conversations provide spaces for honest, reflective, and inspiring conversations among Africans – African Conversations about Africa for Africa. We discuss our aspirations and ambitions

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Was Malthus Right?

Thomas Malthus, whose most famous work “The Principle of Population” was published in 1798, did not believe that society’s improvement is inevitable. Indeed when things

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Simple Things

What’s the simplest advice an evaluator can give a project team? In my experience, many project evaluations often fail to miss the point on a

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The Road Forward

Thomas Dichter whose career in international development spans 50 years produced this documentary which challenges us all to rethink the way in which we engage

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