Strategic Programming and Planning

Athari network members support the design of theories of change and transformation, drawing on the use of systems thinking to engage within complex and dynamic contexts.

Examples of our evaluation experience are provided below. For more information, please contact:

Work Experiences

Evaluation of the WWF Mozambique Country Office Strategic Plan (2016-2020) and development of the 2020-2030 Country Strategy (2020)
Client: WWF Mozambique
Geographical Scope: Mozambique
Athari Expert: Mine Pabari

Lead Environmental Planner for Kisumu Urban Planning Project in development of Local Physical Development Plans for Kisumu City (2019/2020)
Client: City of Kisumu, AfD
Geographical Scope: Kisumu, Kenya
Athari Expert: Edmund Barrow

Program Proposal elaboration for Enhanced Resilience of Communities in the IGAD region cross-border areas (Clusters) of Karamoja (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan), Dikhil (Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somaliland), and Borena (Ethiopia, Kenya) from Drought and Related Disasters. Part of implementation of IGAD’s Drought Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Initiative (IDDRSI) (2019-2021)
Client: Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Djibouti
Athari Expert: Yemi Tessema & Kristin Muthui

Project document on Ecosystem Management for Productive Landscapes and an updated draft strategy for the Terrestrial Ecosystem Unit. (2019)
Client: UN Environment
Geographical Scope: Global
Athari Expert: Edmund Barrow

Provided technical assistance for the IUCN & Government of Rwanda “Landscape and integrated water resources management and restoration in Sebeya and other catchments” project during inception phase and established processes and mechanisms for implementation. (2019)
Client: IUCN
Geographical Scope: Rwanda
Athari Expert: Edmund Barrow

Developed Community Approach Guidelines and updated Manual of Procedures for the Rwanda “Embedding Water Resources Management In Sebeya And Other Catchments” Project (2020)
Client: IUCN
Geographical Scope: Rwanda
Athari Expert: Edmund Barrow

Supporting the development of a Participatory Forest Management Plan for Oloolua Forest. [2019/2020]
Client: Oloolua Community Forest Association and Friends of Oloolua Forest (pro-bono task)
Geographical Scope: Oloolua forest, Nairobi
Athari Expert: Edmund Barrow

Facilitation of a participatory design/formulation process for a 5-year comprehensive theory of change for the development of the proposal for the IUCN Regional Biodiversity Programme (2017)
Client: IUCN
Development Partner: USAID
Geographical Scope: Multi-country (Guatamala, Honduras, El Salvador & Nicaragua)
Athari Expert: Alejandro Imbach

Facilitation of the design/formulation of the theory of change and results chains for IUCN DFID’s project (2015)
Client: IUCN
Development Partner: DFID
Geographical Scope: Multi-country (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico & 1 regional component)
Athari Expert: Alejandro Imbach

Facilitation of stakeholder planning workshop. for “Enhancing Local Capacities for Sustainable Biodiversity Action in Africa” (2006)
Client: BirdLife International
Development Partner: GEF UNDP
Geographical Scope: Continental (Africa)
Athari Expert: Mine Pabari

Development of global strategy for the WWF Coral Reef Rescue Initiative (2020)
Client: WWF International
Geographical Scope: Global (Madagascar, Tanzania, Indonesia, Philippines, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Cuba)
Athari Expert: Mine Pabari

Programme design in collaboration with Government and NGO partners, IUCN Coastal Resilience to Climate Change in Mozambique. 2017
Development Partners: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency through the Embassy of Sweden, Mozambique
Geographical Scope: National, Mozambique
Athari Expert: Mine Pabari

Establishment of partnerships, in-depth situation analysis and design of the overall programme of work –  IUCN Resilient Coasts Initiative (2015)
Resource: Resilience of Coastal Systems and Their Human Partners: ecological and social profile of coastal systems in Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania
Development Partner(s): Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)
Geographical Scope: Regional (Eastern & Southern Africa)
Athari Expert: Mine Pabari

Africa Regional Workshop and Development of a Strategic Plan to enhance collective action for womens rights and environmental justice (2019)
Client:  FCAM
Geographical Scope: Regional – Africa
Athari Expert: Mine Pabari & Yemeserach Tessema