Programming and Planning

Athari supports the strategic design and development of new programmes and projects across multiple funding sources as well as sectors. We prefer to work through participatory approaches, ensuring that design is based on a comprehensive situation analysis and a well thought through theory of change involving key actors and stakeholders.

Examples of our experiences in programming and planning are listed below. For more information, do get in touch with us on


Work Experiences

Facilitation of a participatory design/formulation process for a 5-year comprehensive theory of change for the development of the proposal for the IUCN Regional Biodiversity Programme (2017)
Client: IUCN
Development Partner: USAID
Geographical Scope: Multi-country (Guatamala, Honduras, El Salvador & Nicaragua)
Athari Expert: Alejandro Imbach


Facilitation of the design/formulation of the theory of change and results chains for IUCN DFID’s project (2015)
Client: IUCN
Development Partner: DFID
Geographical Scope: Multi-country (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico & 1 regional component)
Athari Expert: Alejandro Imbach


Facilitation of stakeholder planning workshop. for “Enhancing Local Capacities for Sustainable Biodiversity Action in Africa” (2006)
Client: BirdLife International
Development Partner: GEF UNDP
Geographical Scope: Continental (Africa)
Athari Expert: Mine Pabari

Programme design in collaboration with Government and NGO partners, IUCN Coastal Resilience to Climate Change in Mozambique. 2017
Development Partners: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency through the Embassy of Sweden, Mozambique
Geographical Scope: National, Mozambique
Athari Expert: Mine Pabari

Establishment of partnerships, in-depth situation analysis and design of the overall programme of work
–  IUCN Resilient Coasts Initiative (2015)
Resource: Resilience of Coastal Systems and Their Human Partners: ecological and social profile of coastal systems in Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania
Development Partner(s): Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)
Geographical Scope: Regional (Eastern & Southern Africa)
Athari Expert: Mine Pabari

Facilitating and providing training on Community Environmental Action Planning (CEAPs) as support to UNHCR for Environmental management & restoration in Refugee hosting areas of Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Uganda (2002-2008)
Development Partner(s): UNHCR
Geographical Scope:  Refugee hosting areas of eastern Sudan, Kenya (Kakuma, Dadaab), Ethiopia (west & north), Djibouti, & northern Uganda
Client: National Refugee Agencies & UNHCR
Athari Expert: Edmund Barrow

Support to the design of the project, “Barometer for Women’s peace and security” (2013)
Geographical Scope: Applied in 6 pilot cases in Colombia, Sudan, Palestine, Congo, Northeast India & Afghanistan
Athari Expert: Natalia Ortiz