Studies & Assessments

Athari supports and/or carries out studies and assessments including baseline studies, lesson learning exercises and thematic specific research

Examples of our experiences are listed below. For more information, do get in touch with us on

Work Experiences

Enhancing knowledge and conservation to promote sustainable community livelihoods through research and eco-educational activities
Development Partner: Nacey Maggioncalda Foundation
Geographical Scope:
Local (Mathew Ranges in Samburu County, Kenya) The position entails conducting
Athari Expert:
Nancy Moinde

Ecosystem risk assessments 
using the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems methodology. This involved contributing to methodological development of the RLE protocol, developing & fundraising for projects to carry out ecosystem risk assessments in various countries, supporting assessor training, creating awareness in other countries (e.g. China, Australia), co-authoring various journal papers on RLE.
Resources: Scientific Foundations for an IUCN Red List of Ecosystems
Athari Expert: Edmund Barrow


Managing for Impact –  Co-facilitator of for the Managing for Impact (M4I) course tos trengthen the capacity of CLEAR partners in Central America to apply M4I in their daily work practice (2015)
Client: Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), CLEAR center for Latin America – CIDE
Geographical Scope: Regional (Latin America)
Athari Expert: Natalia Ortiz


Multidisciplinary research on the interrelationship between climate and land use changes on mammal abundance and diversity in their influence on (re)emergence of zoonosis diseases(2016-2018)
Geographical Scope:
Local (Laikipia County ecosystem, Kenya)
Athari Expert: Nancy Moinde


Prepare the National Capacity Self-Assessment (NCSA) for implementing UN Convention on Biological Diversity, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, UN Convention on Desertification and Land Degradation and the Ramsar Convention
Development Partner :GEF/UN Environment. This involved preparing the project inception report, stocktaking and thematic assessments, cross-cutting analysis and developing the NCSA Final Report and Capacity Development Action Plan (2016/2017)
Client: Africa Business Incubator
Geographical Scope: National (South Sudan)
Athari Expert: Yemi Tessema

Participatory climate vulnerability assessments
for the IUCN Flagship Mountain Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EbA) Programme of UNEP, UNDP & IUCN. This also involved the analysis and identification of EbA options – agroforestry, forest landscape restoration (farmer managed), grassland & water management & restoration, action learning from EbA work. The work fed supported policy influence at national level & globally.
Geographical Scope: Global
Athari Expert: Edmund Barrow


Baseline evaluation of 13 Netherlands Government financed agriculture, health and education related projects with focus on capacity development and civil society strengthening
Development Partner: Netherlands
Geographical Scope: National (Ethiopia)
Athari Expert: Elias Zerfu


Baseline study of the Revitalizing Agricultural/Pastoral Incomes and New Markets (RAIN) program (2010-2011).
Geographical Scope: Local (Somali and East Harargie regions of Ethiopia)
Athari Expert: Elias Zerfu