Our Services

We support biodiversity conservation, natural resource management and rural development initiatives to better manage towards positive and transformational change. We do this through providing technical support and facilitating the following (*please click on the links for further information):

  • Programming and planning, utilizing participatory approaches to ensure that design is based on a well thought through theory of change involving key actors and stakeholders;
  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes in order to support learning, accountability and adaptive management. This includes the development of M&E systems and processes as well as the undertaking of mid and end of term evaluations;
  • Capacity development support in order to better enable teams to plan and manage initiatives towards the intended outcomes and impacts. This includes training and technical advisory support – working with teams to ensure that they have robust and realistic theories of change as well as are able to effectively engage in adaptive management;
  • Studies and assessments such as baseline studies, lesson learning exercises and thematic specific research.

We recognize that the world today is perhaps more complex than ever before, and positive change rarely occurs in a linear, tidy and predictable manner. We therefore draw upon technical knowledge and expertise across multiple sectors as well as invest in and engage with the ‘softer’ and often invisible dimensions of change such as relationships, power, norms, culture and values.

Athari also partners with organizations and companies that have complementary skills and shared principles. This enables us to expand the breadth of the services and support we are able to offer.



idenk works with leaders in helping them improve their teams and the organizations they are responsible for. idenk facilitates collaborative group thinking and decision making, specializing in helping people design, run and follow-through on great meetings as well as delivers training and coaching. idenk also carries out research and writes on a range of topics, around management, leadership and organizational development

Acivva Consultancy specializes in people services & solutions.  Acivva works alongside managers and leaders to assist them in ensuring that their organizations have a well-defined culture, supporting team management, talent management, learning and development.