Yemi Tessema

Senior Consultant
Project Management Cycle
Thematic /Sectoral Experience
Biodiversity Conservation & Natural Resource Management
Geographical Experience
Eastern & Southern Africa; Mediterranean & Middle East; Europe & USA
Working Language

Yemi Tessema is a Senior Consultant at Athari, with over a decade experience in conservation programme planning and management in Eastern Africa, United States, and Latin America. Her experiences include working at various levels with governments and non-governmental organizations, and community groups to manage resources and promote sustainable development.

Prior to Athari, she worked as a freelance consultant on natural resource management and policy issues. Ms Tessema has also managed projects in Latin America, Africa, and Asia as a Program Manager at the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York and was a Program Officer overseeing projects in eastern Africa at the World Conservation Union – IUCN based in Nairobi, Kenya.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology/Zoology from the University of Eastern Africa in Kenya and a master’s degree in Environmental Management from Yale University.