Program design, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation; Facilitation & Multi-stakeholder processes
Thematic /Sectoral Experience
Agriculture and Nutrition Security, Relief, rehabilitation and sustainable development Community health Water and Sanitation, Climate Smart Agriculture, Sustainable School meals programs.
Geographical Experience
Eastern & West Africa
Working Language
English, Kiswahili.

Jessica has worked in international and national development multi-year projects. and managed
large integrated development projects. Examples include the UN-Millennium Project flagship,
the Millennium Villages project. operating in 14 sites in Africa. Jessica provided administrative
and technical oversight including supporting baselines, mid and final evaluations for various
projects. Other projects she has worked in include the Food for Peace Title II food security
project- USAID where she supported Agriculture, Health and Nutrition security project as an
implementer, WFP/ADRA- , Kenya on Kenya Emergency Operations (EMOP) responsible for
monitoring and evaluation (and maintaining partnerships with the government and other CSOs
and CBOs as well as Food for Work projects . She has experience working directly in the
government in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock development and Marketing responsible
for women and Youth programs.