Category: Athari Reflections

Teams, context & circumstance

Much of the literature on teams that I have read is centred around the team itself, as has been my focus facilitating a team building events. A typical event in my experience involves, for example, developing shared aspirations and goals; building awareness of personality styles; developing constructive modalities of communication; […]

New Book – Our Future in Nature: Trees, Spirituality and Ecology by Edmund Barrow

Who has not felt a sense of awe, silence, stillness, and presence in an ancient woodland or forest or in front of a sacred tree? Humankind has held trees and woodlands in awe and reverence since the dawn of time. We depend on nature for the air we breathe, the […]

Reflections on working with social movements

Over the course of last year and into this year Athari has been involved in evaluation and facilitation of social change movements – feminism/women’s right and environmental justice.  These experiences have been an incredible learning opportunity for me personally and I’m writing to share some of my reflections. These are […]

Was Malthus Right?

Thomas Malthus, whose most famous work “The Principle of Population” was published in 1798, did not believe that society’s improvement is inevitable. Indeed when things do improve, he thought, the resultant population increase becomes an obstacle to further progress. In short, as he put it, the power of population growth […]

Simple Things

What’s the simplest advice an evaluator can give a project team? In my experience, many project evaluations often fail to miss the point on a couple of key issues and end up sitting on a shelf consequently. We are all familiar with the perils of poorly designed projects.  A project […]

The Road Forward

Thomas Dichter whose career in international development spans 50 years produced this documentary which challenges us all to rethink the way in which we engage in development. I was honored to have been given a slot to speak amongst some incredible individuals – knowledgeable, passionate and so very courageous! Please […]

Listening and Programme Design

Just over 6 months ago, I finalized the development of a proposal for an integrated programme aimed at enhancing the resilience of local communities dependent on their natural resources. At the onset of the exercise, I was determined to ensure that the design was informed by the realities and needs [...]

Change…It’s personal…

I have worked in the development sector for about 20 years now. Over the course my years, I went from passionate and unwavering beliefs in my ability as an individual and in the ability of the organizations I worked with to change the world to a somewhat jaded and bitter [...]