Busy work as predatory delay by Kristin Mumbi Muthui

My introduction into the world of conservation, development and climate change happened through the most innocent and propagandistic way – as a child, I remember my bedroom posters covered with ‘save the manatee’ posters, thanks to IUCN, and to my mother, who brought them home. I think I learnt about coral reefs and their importance […]

Athari Conversations

Athari conversations provide spaces for honest, reflective, and inspiring conversations among Africans – African Conversations about Africa for Africa. We discuss our aspirations and ambitions for a better future for our children and their children, and the Africa we live in.  We are creating a space for intergenerational discussions, dialogue and reflection on Africa’s challenges […]

Athari Conversations: Leadership – An African Perspective

Our first conversation takes place on Wednesday 17th March (1300-1430 GMT; 1500 to 1630 SAST; 1600 to 1730 EAT). Our panelists are individuals with vast experience as leaders in government, international organisations, and civil society willing to share their individual journies with the next generation of leaders. Host Candice Morkel (South Africa) – Acting Director, Centre for Learning […]

Using Evidence in Policy and Practice: Lessons from Africa

Last year I was thrilled to be invited to work with Prof. Ian Goldman on a book on evidence use in Africa .. an incredible learning opportunity I will always be very grateful for ! I recently wrote a blog piece on my own reflections and learning – which Zenda Ofir very kindly posted on […]

Teams, context & circumstance

Much of the literature on teams that I have read is centred around the team itself, as has been my focus facilitating a team building events. A typical event in my experience involves, for example, developing shared aspirations and goals; building awareness of personality styles; developing constructive modalities of communication; strengthening shared understanding of roles […]

Reflections on working with social movements

Over the course of last year and into this year Athari has been involved in evaluation and facilitation of social change movements – feminism/women’s right and environmental justice.  These experiences have been an incredible learning opportunity for me personally and I’m writing to share some of my reflections. These are by no means exhaustive and […]