Subhan Zafar

Subhan holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has completed several system and network certifications including Huwaei, Cisco and Microsoft certs. He mostly researches and writes about the Windows world.


  1. Dario
    February 10, 2021 @ 2:37 PM

    I switchet to Google Drive for desktop from Backup and Sync: I had to accounts connected and now I can have only one; it does not seem true that Drive for desktop supports multiple acounts


    • Subhan Zafar
      February 10, 2021 @ 6:42 PM

      You are correct. Currently Drive for desktop only supports one Google account at a time. It does give the option to “Switch account,” but as soon as you do, the previous one logs out. As we have mentioned in our post, not all features have been released in Drive for desktop as advertized by Google.
      We are hoping that they will gradually be incorporated as Google wants the transition to be as smooth as possible.


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