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How to Customize WinX Menu in Windows 10

The WinX menu in Windows 10 refers to the quick-access menu that pops up by pressing the Windows key + X shortcut keys, or alternatively, right-clicking the Start Menu in the Taskbar. This menu is used to access important system utilities, such as PowerShell or various management consoles, from anywhere in Windows (Except for full-screen applications).

WinX menu

You get several pre-configured apps and consoles in the menu distributed into 3 groups. The good news is that we are here to help you change the default layout of the menu so that you can remove or add the default items to the list yourself. You can modify the menu to your own preferences.

Let us guide you through the process so that you can make your time on the PC even more productive.

WinX menu layout

By default, the list in the WinX menu is divided into 3 groups. These groups can be distinguished by the separation lines in between them.

separation line

This is for the user’s convenience so that the items in each group can be considered a different category, making it easier for the user to search through the menu.

The groups are numbered 1 through 3 – One is at the bottom and three at the top, as in the image below:

menu groups

The group order is important to know and remember as this will come into use when removing or adding items to the menu, which will be discussed further in the article.

How to remove default items from Win+X menu in Windows 10

Now that you know the groupings of the Win+X menu, you can now begin to remove any of the selected items from it. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. First, open File Explorer and paste the link below into the address bar:
  2. Now, you shall see 3 folders with the same group names as in the WinX menu. Double-click the folder from which you want to remove an item.
    3 folders
  3. From within the folder, delete the shortcut of the item you wish to remove from the menu by selecting it and pressing Delete on the keyboard, or alternatively, right-click it and click Delete from the context menu. Remember, do not remove the entire folder itself.
    delete 1
  4. All you need to do now is restart File Explorer using the guide provided and you’re done!

If you open the WinX menu now, you will notice that the item you have removed will no longer be visible on the menu.

short menu

How to add default items to Win+X menu in Windows 10

If you have removed an item or any number of items from the WinX menu in Windows 10, you can always restore them without having to redo your entire operating system again. Here is how:

  1. Download the entire WinX directory attached below that comes pre-installed on Windows 10:

    How to Customize WinX Menu in Windows 10 1  WinX Defaults (9.1 KiB, 208 hits)

  2. Extract the ZIP file to any location and then copy the shortcuts (or the entire folder) that you wish to restore from the provided file.
  3. Now open another Explorer window and paste the following link in the address bar:
  4. Here, open the Group folder you want to restore the items from and paste the shortcut, or simply paste the entire folder along with its contents, replacing the original one.
  5. Now restart File Explorer for the changes to take effect.

You can now check that the full menu should have been restored when pressing the Windows key + X shortcut keys.

Closing words

Using this guide, you can customize the WinX menu on your PC according to your needs and convenience. However, only the default applications and consoles can be added or removed.

There are a few hacks and tricks available on the internet that show that you can also add custom apps and content to the menu. We tested those out and regretfully inform you that the process now fails. Hence, only the default items can be added or removed from the WinX quick-access menu.

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