Athari Conversations: Leadership – An African Perspective

Our first conversation takes place on Wednesday 17th March (1300-1430 GMT; 1500 to 1630 SAST; 1600 to 1730 EAT). Our panelists are individuals with vast experience as leaders in government, international organisations, and civil society willing to share their individual journies with the next generation of leaders.


  • Candice Morkel (South Africa) – Acting Director, Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results (CLEAR) – Anglophone Africa


Our panelists will focus on navigating leadership in Africa through the corridors of complex (and often messy) histories, values, norms and circumstances, sharing with us their experiences and reflections. In doing so, they will tell speak with us about: 

  • Their values, purpose, and aspirations as leaders
  • The individuals that inspired them on their leadership journey 
  • The individuals that helped them build their leadership capabilities – mentors, champions and sponsors 
  • The corridors of culture, norms and values they while trying to remain true to their personal values, including:
    • The way they influenced their abilities to climb the ladders of leadership
    • Their personal successes and failures in exercising leadership; and 
    • Their learning along the way – Looking back, what would they have done differently? 
  • In their view, the ways in which our national histories’ influence African leadership today; 
  • Their dreams for the next generation of leaders and how African countries could better create spaces for leadership with integrity, wisdom and vision?

The audience will interact with the panelists, challenging, sharing and – together – agreeing on next steps we need to deepen and catalyse our collective aspirations around leadership across the continent. 

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