Change…It’s personal…

I have worked in the development sector for about 20 years now. Over the course my years, I went from passionate and unwavering beliefs in my ability as an individual and in the ability of the organizations I worked with to change the world to a somewhat jaded and bitter mid-career professional – often wondering how I got myself entangled in such a hypocritical world.

However, I also have the honor of knowing many individuals that today carry the wisdom of experience and yet are still as passionate and idealistic as they were 30 years ago. I often wonder what drives them…how do they hold on to the belief that they can and do make a difference … ?

I am also fascinated by how mission driven organizations can truly bring about change..particularly today where budgetary resources for aid is on the decline and so many struggle simply to keep afloat. A good friend and colleague, Phil Hadridge from IDENK, has some very interesting insights into this and I’d highly recommend his blog post on Nobel Purpose Organizations.This Athari blog series is focused on our individual stories ..the stories that speak to what keeps us going …the moments of joy and pride.. of insight and learning… In sharing these stories, we are sharing our lessons learned.. Insights into approaches, tools, external factors that contribute to positive change. ..resources we used that we found particularly exciting and helpful.

We invite you to share your thoughts on our stories – add to them, send us questions or even be constructively critical!

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