Athari is a consultancy network comprised of experts from around the world with long standing experience in evaluation, strategic planning and research across multiple sectors and thematic areas including biodiversity conservation and natural resource management, climate change, rural and agricultural development, green economy and social change and social justice.

We have worked with a variety of different types of organisations including civil society, social movements, non-governmental and international organisations, private sector and government supporting them through the provision of technical advice, skill building (training and coaching), facilitation and content development in the following areas:

Collectively, we seek to contribute to positive and lasting change, combining the wealth of knowledge and experience we have gained over the years with a willingness and ability to innovate and learn.  We do this not only through consultancy services, but creating platforms and spaces for discussion, dialogue and reflection which we share through the Athari Reflections and Resources Platform

Athari also partners with organizations and companies that have complementary skills and shared principles. This enables us to expand the breadth of the services and support we are able to offer.

Biodiversity Conservation & Natural Resource Management
Climate Change
Sustainable Rural & Agricultural Development
Social Change & Social Justice
Green Economy